Sweet Simplicity

30 Mar

When I think of sweets the first thing that comes to mind is chocolate.  Lots of chocolate, and decadent desserts so you can only find in sit-down restaurants.  Most recently when I think of simple sweets I think of M&M cookies.  The soft slightly chewy cookie surrounding a small handful of M&Ms, with the slight crunch of the candy shell and the warm melting sensation of the chocolate when it hits your tongue.  It’s so incredibly satisfying on so many levels, and it makes me wonder how many childhood treats I took for granted growing up.

One has to wonder what counts as simple sweet treats.  I’ve actually come up with a few questions to help figure that out.  One, is it or was it relatively easy to make?  Two, does it satisfy you in a way that other desserts don’t?  And three, does it bring back memories of your childhood? While we’re on the subject of cookies lets go ahead and “run them though the mill”, as it were, of what makes up a simple treat.  Were they easy to make?  At one time cookies, and I do mean all cookies, were the easiest treat to make in the kitchen.  Sadly mass marketing has almost but all done away with having to do anything in the kitchen.  Did it satisfy in a way others don’t? Depending on how you grew up most of the time it will.  Did it bring back memories? Hell yes!  Food and smell are the most powerful tool the mind has when recalling memories, and I love every minute of it.

Other things that might stand up to the trial of the questions would be root-beer floats, they’re not called old fashioned for no reason ;), hand pulled taffy depending on where you live, some fudges, and brownies.  If I missed any thing I apologize.  I’d like to know what your favorite simple sweet is, and by all means don’t just limit the questions to the ones I’ve wrote down here.  Be creative and come up with a few of your own if you feel like, then let me know what it is.  I’m always interested in hearing other people’s opinion.

So, until next week, indulge yourself,  have some sweet simplicity, and don’t be afraid to get in the kitchen and bake up some fun. Later’s! xD

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One response to “Sweet Simplicity

  1. kittymom755

    March 30, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    A plain pound cake slice slathered with grape jelly, or strawberry preserves. Does anything get better then that?


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