24 Mar

I never did anything normal growing up so this blog is no exception to the pattern  My name is Marie. I live in the Houston area and I work in a school cafeteria.  MAG’s Cakes & Bakes is a part time bakery project that iv been working on for about a year now.  Iv developed a few items, the most popular of them is my shortbread chocolate dipped cookies which sell for $.75 to five, $.20 each, and five dollars for a batch of 50. I’ll grab a picture of it later for y’all.  The bakery started out as a way to get extra spending cash. Being a cafeteria worker does not exactly pay the most, however, the benefits are incredibly awesome.  I don’t have my other Creations itemized or priced yet.  I’m hoping to get most of it done during summer break.  As for this post, recovering from the first week of work after spring break is not easy at all, especially if your night owl like me;)

I’m also gamer. I game with a group of friends on Friday every other week, and if you’re familiar with a game called Battletech, there’s a group that calls themselves MechCorps.  We hang out with them whenever Rubicant and I (who’s call signs are Culex for Rubicant and Phoenix for me) have the time, energy and money to do so.

I hope you know little more about me now and Im sorry.  For the late post, I’m hoping to do this little more regularly than this hopefully I’ll see you all next week.  Later! *waves*

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